Friday, August 11, 2006

It has been an awful week.

We have had our own heartbreaking crisis here at home all week, which I’m just not ready to talk about.

My mom’s uncle has lost the will to live, and was sent home to die. It should be any day now.

One of my parent’s closest friends, who is the pastor of their church, died unexpectedly this Wednesday. I can’t imagine what his wife is going through right now.

We will end this terrible week at the Unity Christian Music Festival. It’s tough to even go there right now. But God can and will use the festival to help us move through our brokenness.

Last night, I held my son for about an hour while Chris Tomlin was on stage. Through our tears, we clung to each other and sang our praises to God.

Worship means so much more when things in life aren’t going well. It gives me a new perspective. No matter is wrong in life, no one can take God away from me. Beyond that, what really matters?