Friday, September 18, 2009

These pictures are a little over due. We went blueberry picking for the first time ever in August. We had a blast. We picked about 22 pounds of blueberries. That should last us a few months, at least... Once Kaden found out that he was allowed to eat them, he was hooked. I'm sure he weighed more when we left.Kaylee enjoyed the berries as well. She seemed to want to sample berries from every bush. She wasn't super focused on actually filling the bucket.
Rae Ann did a better job. She spent a lot of time going from bush to bush, but she did manage to get a fair amount of berries into the bucket. Andrew did a great job. Poor kid doesn't even like blueberries. Maybe that helped him fill his bucket- he wasn't wasting time eating them like the rest of us were...LOL. I found that all the berries on each bush tasted the same. So, if you find a spot where you like the taste of the berries, stay in that spot.Tony made blueberry pancakes for us the next morning. Yummy!

After we got done picking the berries, we got to go visit with a couple of horses. I forgot to get pictures of them.