Monday, July 06, 2009


on the 4th, we went downtown to see the fireworks. there is a parking shortage downtown, so we were happy when we found a sandy/grassy field near the post office. as Tony started to drive into the area, he noticed that there was a PT cruiser stuck in the sand. This is an area where only SUVs should attempt to park. But Tony decided to be nice and pull the car out of the sand with our Expedition and a tow strap. Afterwards, as we were parking we saw a 2wd van coming into the sandy entrance to get stuck. I guess vehicles are going to just keep getting stuck in that spot as soon as there is an opening...LOL.

the fireworks 'show' was pretty short this year. Budget cuts, I guess. We used to have 3 shows during the course of the Summer Celebration. Now we only have one, so I was hoping it would be pretty cool. Next year we will go to a cottage with our neighbors- the fireworks went for an hour and a half there.

As we got back to our truck after the fireworks, we saw that there was another car stuck in the sand.Tony shook his head and said he wasn't going to keep towing people out of the sand. The car was a Honda Accord. A guy in a Chevy truck drove by and yelled to the driver that he should have bought "American". I guess the genius didn't know that his truck was made in Mexico/Canada, while the "foreign" car was made in Texas. Go figure (of course, I don't know these things either until Tony tell me...LOL). That dumb comment changed Tony's mind, and he decided that he did want to help the stuck car. When he walked over to the car, he saw that it was stuck up to the frame in the front of the car. There were people trying to push the car out that direction. Do you think that was going to work?? About that time, a guy in a Dodge truck backed up towards the car as though he was going to use his truck to help get the car out. Then he looked over towards us. I was pulling the tow strap out of the back and he said in a surprised tone "oh, you have a strap?!" and then he turned and left. I have to wonder WHAT DID HE THINK HE WAS GOING TO DO?? In what way is his truck helpful if he has no strap or chain? AND even if he did, since the car was in the sand up to its frame in the front, what would he have even hooked a chain to from the front? So, Tony hooked the car up, and towed the car out of the sand (from the back) without any problem. AS SOON as the spot in the sand was vacant, we saw ANOTHER car heading towards the same spot where all the cars kept getting stuck...LOL.