Monday, January 09, 2012

Bad Day

she refused to go to school because she didn't like her clothes. he spent the morning yelling at me for feeling hurt by something. they didn't complete the work that was supposed to be done. she was not fulfilling her job duties, causing extra work for me. he undervalued my professional worth. i was being pulled in too many directions. she ran towards the road while a car was coming. they were having a fight when I got home from what felt like a long day.

yeah, I've had better days.

It's Not Fair

Several years ago there was an injustice against me. Someone told lies, made accusations and destroyed parts of my life. It has been four and a half years, and it still affects me on a regular basis. My innocence doesn't matter. The lies seem to have won over the truth, over and over.

I thought I knew where God wanted to use me, but He has not opened the door for that. I am needed, yet not accepted. I don't know what else I am supposed to be learning through this.

God, open my eyes to what you want me to gain from this dragging on and on. Heal my wounds and have mercy on those who caused them.