Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The following is a paper that Rae Ann wrote as an assignment in her 3rd grade class:


It was late afternoon in the middle of summer when my baby brother finally did it! He walked for the first time! It was so awesome. When he came up to me, he fell because it was so hard to come all the way to me from across the yard. I was so excited for his success, but at the same time, I was sad because it made me realize that Kaden is growing up faster than I thought.

It makes me realize that my family has to baby proof my house a LOT more! For instance, we could put gates on the stairs, or we can get cabinet latches for the kitchen so we can even get into the kitchen!

Now I can play lots more games with my baby- or should I say my big boy! We could dance, watch TV, play with pretend kitchen, or listen to music. It is so fun!

Now that I know that Kaden is walking, he will also be climbing soon. It scares me because he could fall down the stairs and get hurt really badly, or he could fall off the couch! That is really scary! We need to really watch now. Not that we didn't before, but just way more!

As you can see, Kaden is growing up faster than I thought. Now he is getting to be a big boy.

by Rae Ann Evans