Sunday, July 13, 2008

July 12, 2008
Just another busy day…(a post about nothing, really)
Tony volunteered for Last Call Ministry last night, so he got home around 3am. We got up around 8:30 to get Andrew ready for his Boy Scout camping day. Andrew was picked up by his friend’s dad. We headed out to Grand Rapids to meet my family at Mongolian BBQ. We haven’t done this for at least a couple years. My kids don’t like the food there, so we let the girls spend the night/day with my friend Liz. They always seem to have a great time together. After we ate, we headed to Dunkin Donuts. We always try to make a point to go there when we are in GR. Those donut holes are so darn good!! Next, we went to Baby depot inside Burlington Coat Factory. Except we forgot where it was, so we wasted some time driving around looking for it. But Tony has this new program on his phone, so he had a map and the phone number to the place. That helped…LOL. I don’t know how we managed to forget where it was, since we go there almost every time we go to GR. Usually when I get lost in GR, I call my brother in law so he can get me un-lost, but he was at a wedding right then so we were on our own…LOL. Anyway, we had to go to Baby depot because the strollers at Walmart are attached to a high shelf with zip ties, so we can’t try them out. Baby Depot has like a hundred strollers on the floor to test drive. We already have 2 strollers. But the trunk space in our Expedition sucks. Our big stroller won’t fit at all. And our other stroller takes up the entire trunk, so we can’t store anything else. Crazy, huh? If we still had a mini van it would be a non issue. But really, we need a small stroller. So we were debating between 4 strollers, based on the size (folded) and several other features. The sales lady came and spoke highly of one of them, and then asked if we folded it a second time… excuse me? A second time you say?? This thing fold in half, and then folds in half again. Then you can throw it over your shoulder and carry it just like a folding lawn chair (the kind in a bag)! So Tony says “we’ll take it!!” LOL… we weren’t really there to buy it right then. We just wanted to test them out. So now Kaden has this really cool stroller. He thinks he is just the coolest baby in town with his new ride. Seriously, he is thrilled. Later, my friend gave me a kiddie pool. So I put some water in it and let Kaden “swim” in it. He loved it. Eventually, I took his diaper off so he could just go skinny dipping. He was thrilled when he saw the new “accessory” that he usually keeps hidden in his diaper. He squealed and everything when he saw it. My brother came to help Tony put a new window in the basement. We packed up the car and truck to go join Andrew at his camp out. Tony would be spending the night there, while I would be going home with the other kids. When we got there, we noticed that we forgot Kaylee’s shoes since she was still sleeping when she got put in the car. Rae Ann was nice and shared her crocks with Kaylee. Tony and I took Kaylee and Kaden down to see the sun set. Kaylee always has cute, insightful things to say. I said “You sure are smart. How did you get so smart?” I fully intended to get some credit here, because I am convinced that I have a lot to do with her smarts. So she thought about it a moment and then revealed that she is so smart “because of Mary Beth”. This is a dear friend of ours, who does in fact contribute to the intelligence of our children and their love of God. But Tony and I just looked at each other and busted out laughing. So much for getting any credit for making her smart…LOL. Our kids were very well-behaved at the camp out. Eventually, we went home, leaving Tony and Andrew to spend the night at camp. We did prayer time, and when Rae Ann mentioned “daddy and Andrew at camp” in her prayer, Kaylee fell apart. She couldn’t bear the thought of sleeping at home without daddy here. She was so pathetic about it. She suggested that we could drive right back up there and bring them home so she could sleep. Isn’t that sweet?