Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A week ago I had a bit of a scare. My blood pressure was up, and my doctor and I were concerned that I may be developing preeclamsia (toxemia). So I spread the word and lots of people started praying for me. I also changed my diet quite a bit in hopes of bringing down my blood pressure. Thankfully, I started noticing my BP coming down some. I had an appointment with my doctor today to check my BP and other signs of impending preeclamsia, and it went pretty well. Although my BP is still a bit higher than normal, I have no other concerning symptoms. I will still have to keep close tabs on myself, of course, but it looks like everything is going to be OK!

With my first baby, 9 years ago, I developed preeclamsia at about 32-33 weeks along, then I had to deliver him at about 34-35 weeks after being in the hospital on bed rest for a week. It was scary, but everything ended up being OK in the end. With my second baby, I was scared that the same thing could happen again, but I never had any complications with her, and I was delighted to deliver a full-term baby. I was also concerned that this would develop with my third child (since she has a different father than the first two, it was like having a “first child” all over again). But I never had any complications with her either. So with this last child, we assumed everything would go just as smoothly as it did the last two times.

It makes me wonder… Do I just have a harder time carrying boys? Or did the baby asprin that I took every day while pregnant with the girls really do the trick at keeping my BP down (it isn’t actually proven to work)?

I want to thank all those who prayed for me and my baby and my family. I trust that all the prayers have made a difference. Keep ‘em coming, as I will certainly need things to stay calm and healthy for at least the next 7-8 weeks.

I’ll try to keep everyone updated.