Thursday, January 19, 2012

If you are calling a business to ask for information on several places for rent, wouldn't it make sense to locate your pen and paper before making the call? It's surprising to me how many people call, completely unprepared too receive information.

It's also surprising to me how many people would like to rent a place that actually costs more than their entire monthly income.

I guess it's just another way to keep life interesting.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Last week, we had a curbside eviction- meaning that the people were evicted for not paying their rent, they were given plenty of time to get out of the apartment, and then a final notice giving them an additional 24 hours to get out. At that time, since they were STILL there, a court officer came to stand by while some of our staff put all of their belongings on the curb. Usually when that happens, the neighbors will go through all the things left on the curb and leave the tenants with almost nothing. Sometimes it is a sad situation, but usually it isn't. We do everything in our power to stop it from coming to that point. But some people refuse to do anything to help themselves even when there is help our there to get them out of a rough situation.

These particular people thought they had out-smarted us by changing their locks. But we can easily solve that by taking the door apart. Once our maintenance people were inside the apartment, they found a pet bird flying around, and some sort of lizard. A rescue group was called to come get the pets. I thought that was the end of the story on the pets. Until this week...

A new tenant came in and signed a lease for an apartment in the same building. She excitedly took her key and went to her new apartment. As she went in, she was very surprised to find a pet bird flying around the apartment. Not only is she afraid of birds that fly around indoors, but I had just explained our "no pets" policy in that building. I never expected to get a call from someone saying "I love my apartment, but could you have someone come get the pet bird out of there?".

Sometimes I wonder what some of the maintenance people are thinking.

disclaimer: our regular maintenance person was not part of this decision. This is what happens when we let one of the substitute maintenance guys make the decisions....LOL