Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A while back, there was a tenant that decided she no longer needed to pay rent. She kept living there, but she wouldn't return calls or answer her door, etc. During an inspection, the apartment was found to be extremely unkept with food out all over the kitchen rotting, complete with maggots. Nice.

A few days later, the collection worker was in the neighborhood and noticed that the tenant was home. As usual, she did not answer the door when he knocked. The downstairs tenant came out and confirmed that she was in fact home, but suddenly got quiet and stopped moving around as soon as our worker came to her door. At that point, he noticed that the dead beat tenant had a vehicle from the car lot he used to work for. Logical reasoning told him that if she wasn't paying her rent, she probably wasn't paying her car payment either. So he made a quick call to his former coworker to inquire about the vehicle in question. Sure enough, payments were very past due, and they did not have any current contact info.

In just a short time, the collection person watched the vehicle being repossessed. The tenant continued to hide.