Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Look it"

Several weeks ago, I noticed that my kids were saying "look it" whenever they wanted someone to look at something. Since that is such bad grammer, I pointed out that "lookit" isn't a word, and now we are all making an effort to use better grammer. Now that we are aware of it, we notice how much other people say it.

Kaylee is trying to educate the other students in her Kindergarten class. Everytime someone says it, she lets them know it isn't a word. Then when she comes home from school, she gives us a full report on everyone who said "lookit" in her class, and lets us know that she is trying to fix the problem....LOL.
Stupid Old Man at Meijer

Usually when we are out shopping with Kaden people stop to say he's cute, ask how old he is, etc. Today, however, and old man came up to us to ask if we feed Kaden enough.

Sometimes people say that jokingly because Kaden eats pretty much constantly, so it funny to joke about how he's starving and we never ever feed him.

But this man was serious. He asked again if we feed him enough "because he is so skinny and pale". I try to be polite to every one, even stupid rude people. So we just kinda looked at him funny and moved on.

But first of all, he isn't "so skinny". He is in the 50th percentile for weight. None of my other kids were as big as he is at this age. The doctor always says it is obvious that he is very healthy. I'm just floored that a complete stranger thought he needed to point out that it looks like we don't know how to properly care for our baby.

Oh yeah.. and he is "so pale", huh? Have you seen his mommy??? I mean, I was right there next to him. Is it unhealthy to have light skin now?

Stupid people should talk less.