Sunday, August 03, 2008

Oh what fun it is to ride...

Our friends have invited us to go out on their boat with them several times this summer. It's fun to cruise around the lake, to stop and swim, and to go tubing. Well this time, they have a huge tube for 3 people. We spent hours taking turns on it today.

Even Kaylee wanted to try it out. She had a blast! That's her on the tube with Tony and Brad, airborne!

Kaden loves to ride the boat too. He is pretty good at keeping his balance while the boat is going.

Rae Ann had a blast on the tube too, of course. But she loves to help out with the little ones too. That's a good thing, because when there are 2 adults on the water, that means there are 2 adults left on the boat, one to drive, and one to watch the tube making it a little bit difficult to tend to the little kids. Have no fear, Rae Ann is here!

We fed the ducks on the way through the channel. They must have really appreciated it, because pretty soon they were chasing us for more. Aren't the little baby ducks cute?

Ah... it's so nice to feel the the warm breeze, sitting in the front of the boat.

In contrast, here is a picture taken in February...