Friday, June 29, 2007

Many weeks ago, I wrote about my blood pressure being high, and the effects that may have on my pregnancy. I am happy to report that my blood pressure has been staying in an acceptable range (praise God!). We are still keeping very close tabs on it, but for now it is fine. As each week goes by, my baby gets bigger and healthier. In just a couple weeks, he could be born early and be totally fine. Woohoo!

Unfortunately, we have had a new complication come up. 5 weeks ago, I took my 1 hour glucose test to screen for gestational diabetes. According to the standards used by most clinics nation wide, I barely passed. According to my doctor’s standards which are a bit more strict, I barely failed. She wanted me to take the 3 hour glucose test, which she figured I would probably pass. I was very torn on whether to take the 3 hour test because it is pure torture, and by most standards I actually passed the 1 hour test anyway. But since my numbers were borderline at the very least, I didn’t want to just brush off the importance of this test. Obviously, the health of my baby is very important to me. So instead of taking the dreaded 3 hour test, I bought myself some diabetic testing supplies, and started testing my sugar levels at home. This would either prove that I am fine, or indicate that something is wrong, without having to go through the test at the hospital. After a couple days of testing, there were a few numbers that were alarming to me. I called my doctor, and although it was clear that I was dealing with GD, I had to do the test for insurance purposes. I failed, big time.

So that was a little over 3 weeks ago. I have been on a strict diet to control my blood sugar. I have to check my sugar at least 5 times per day. It hasn’t been too hard to keep my numbers under control. I have to do a lot more meal planning than normal, so it would be a whole lot harder if I were employed right now. I think if I had to switch to this diet just for me, it would be a lot harder to do. But since it is for my baby I have been very motivated, and very successful. I now have a much better understanding of diabetes, although it is very complex.

My baby is doing very well right now. I have started going to the doctor twice per week now to keep close tabs on him. Once for my regular appointment followed by a Non Stress Test (NST), and the second time for only the NST. It’s kind of funny. This is my fourth baby, and this is the first time I have ever had to have any NST. Basically, I just sit in a comfy recliner with monitors on my belly, and I listen to baby’s heartbeat for about half an hour. Doctor checks the read out and sends me on my way. There is a TV/VCR in the room, so Kaylee gets to watch a movie while we sit there.

I have a maximum of 7 weeks left. Hopefully, it will be more than 4 weeks so my baby can get fully cooked. But whatever happens at this point will be fine. It is all up to God, my baby, my doctor, and me (in that order). I can’t believe how fast the time has gone by. I am trying to enjoy every moment. I am in no hurry.


Anonymous said...

What is your due date?

Kendra said...

My due date is August 15. So any time during the next month would be fine by me.

Anonymous said...

ok. i've called the blogger police. your time is expired.