Thursday, November 11, 2010

Stinky People

Why do so many people stink?

I can't even tell you the number of times that we have had customers in our office stinking up the place- several times. every. single. day.

When the customer finally leaves, the secretary and I will bid them farewell with a friendly smile. We wait for the door to latch behind them. Then we look at each other to see who is going to grab the Febreze air freshener first. Let's not ever forget to buy that stuff when we order office supplies- it is super important!

How can so many people not know that they stink?

We were discussing whether it is body odor or a dirty clothes smell. I can understand that there are some cases where those living in poverty may not be able to wash their clothes on a regular basis (launder mats get expensive!). But what about those who just don't bother to clean themselves? A bar of soap is cheap! But guess what? We have seen where some tenants prefer to use their bathtub as a storage area. Can you imagine?!

There was a tenant who mentioned- after living in her place for over a year- that her shower wasn't working right. So we send someone over there to take a look, and they find that the tub is packed full of boxes. Then she mentioned that she has never been able to use it, ever since she moved there (it was a different landlord when she moved in, BTW). It seems that her inability to take a bath or shower just wasn't a big enough deal for her to bother mentioning to anyone during the first year. I hear that her apartment smelled just like you would imagine. She no longer lives there. And the house is for sale now...LOL. Apparently, Febreze just isn't going to solve that particular smell.

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