Tuesday, April 03, 2012

No More Crap

We have decided to be healthier. Not just for awhile, but forever. I don't tend to eat sugar anymore and I do not feel deprived (praise the Lord for that one!). I am so excited about all the little changes we have made. We are eating pure foods and trying avoid the chemicals that oppress so many foods in this country.

I will probably never buy margarine again.

I have always loved the flavored coffee creamers- we have always had several bottles of it in the house. But a couple days ago, I read the ingredients. I don't think I will ever buy that again either. It is just so far removed from actually being food. I can't put that in my body. I have learned to make my own now (it became a priority very quickly when I determined that I wouldn't buy it again...LOL). I was hoping I could make it taste as good as the crap at the store. It turns out it actually tastes better.

I have also made butter, and cottage cheese. I still need to perfect the cottage cheese though. We make our own salad dressing too.

As we move away from all the prepackaged crap that most of the population lives on, I am enjoying the foods we were meant to live on. There are so many healthy options to choose from. The nations dependence on prepackaged meals also means that cooking has become a lost art. Cooking means more than just mixing water with the contents of a box of dried food. My kids are growing up learning to cook. Actual Food. They also eat and enjoy actual food. I love sharing this journey with them.

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joinbrendajoyce2 said...

When you perfect the cottage cheese recipe please post it! I would like to give that a try.