Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Let's return to the LORD. He has torn us to shreds, but he will bandage our wounds and make us well. In two or three days he will heal us and restore our strength that we may live with him. Let's do our best to know the LORD. His coming is as certain and the morning sun; he will refresh us like rain renewing the earth in the springtime. Hosea 6:1-3

There is a season for healing. Lots of times, when things are renewed, they end up being better than they ever were before. When something is broken by the enemy, and then we let the Healer mend the wound, it will become stronger than it ever was before.

If a marriage is nearly torn apart, and then the couple hands the pieces over to God fix it, the marriage will become stronger than it ever was before. Without being broken, it may have never gotten the extra strength that was built when it was handed over to God for mending. It’s just a beautiful example of how evil can be turned around to give God glory. By handing things over to God to fix, the plans of the enemy blow up in his face (so Nah!).

I am excitedly hopeful as I wait on the Lord. My timing is not His timing, which always makes waiting difficult. But the Lord has NEVER let me down when I have surrendered my worries over to Him, and let Him take care of things. In fact, He has a habit of working things out better than I ever could have.

I will do my part. I will do my best to know the Lord. In knowing the Lord, I will also trust Him. In His time, He will take care of everything, and He will protect me from that which I fear.

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