Friday, March 14, 2008

Here is a picture of Alayna taken yesterday, in China. My sister and her husband are going to China next week (!) to get her. They will meet her on Easter, and the new family will be home on April 4th (that happens to be Tony's birthday).
Can you imagine what it must be like for Alayna's new parents? They have been working on the adoption process for over 5 years, and now they are finally getting the daughter they have been dreaming, planning, and praying for. It must be bitter-sweet to get a picture that was taken yesterday- she is so close, yet SO far away. She is their daughter, and yet, someone else had the privilege of taking her picture yesterday, of picking out her clothes, playing with her, sharing meal time with her, cuddling with her. I would tend to feel a sort of jealousy about all the moments that other care givers have gotten, while the parents feel the ache of 'almost' having what they have longed for and worked so hard to get- their own daughter.
I pray for them, that these last 9 days will go by quickly, and that the adjustment to becoming a family will be perfect for the three of them.

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Kim said...

She is so beautiful. She doesn't know the blessings that await her with her parents who have already been loving her!
I will be praying for them!!