Friday, October 31, 2008

Every year, there is a costume contest and potluck at Tony's work. I picked out his costume this year because I found it to be especially funny this year. I love that he wears whatever I pick out for him. There was a hat with it, but he wanted me to paint stripes on his head instead, and he was brave enough to get me out of bed early to do that.
Yup, that's me, just minutes after being dragged out of bed. Isn't he sweet to take a morning picture?? (as a side note, I see it's time for me to clear the mess of notes off of the fridge)

Tony wanted mug shots.

Here he is on his way to work (this "convict" must have gotten work release), complete with his ball and chain, and some yummy jello w/bananas to share at the potluck (LOL)

edited to add: Tony won $50 for 3rd prize in the costume contest at work! Yay! Oh, and imagine all the looks he was getting when we stopped at Meijer...LOL.

We are already planning next year's costume.


awisdom said...

LOL - I love the costume choice. Hope he wins a prize!

Liz Nyenhuis said...

Love it!!! that you giving him bunny ears or painting his head in the second picture?

Kendra said...

I was painting his head- not giving bunny ears.

It was much too early for my sense of humor to kick in.

amy said...

This is great!! Fits him so well!! LOL

AmyMaggie said...

That is a sweet costume!