Friday, October 31, 2008

This was a GREAT shopping trip!
Total Spent: $8.22
Total Savings: $36.33 (combined sales and coupons)

It's so much fun when I am able to get such a great deal. It's like a game, and I get an excited "high" from this sort of thing. I'm going to go back today and do a similar purchase now that I know for sure that my plan worked.

Here's what I got for my $8.22:
2 bunches of bananas
2 avocados
Parmesan cheese
2 dozen eggs
20 boxes of jello
2 boxes of cereal bars
32 oz coffee creamer
2 bags of candy


Liz Nyenhuis said... me your secret...I'm curious (and frugal, too).

yeager_79 said...

yess! nicely done! I get the same "high" ;) - even just seeing YOUR great deal!
way to go! =)

Kendra said...

I usually do pretty good, but not THIS good on a regular basis. This time around, it was all about the jello (for the most part). It was on sale for .50 each, and then meijer had printable coupons for 1.50 off 2 jello. SO, I printed off a bunch of those and then EARNED .50 for every 2 jello boxes I "bought". That savings went towards the other stuff in my order. But I also had coupons for most of the other stuff and/or it was on sale/clearance.

I actually had an even better shopping trip the next day that I haven't posted yet. My food purchase didn't cost me anything, and in fact, I came out about $3 ahead. Just to be safe, I added some general merchandise onto the order just to make sure I didn't lose the extra $3 I had coming (I have no idea if the machine would have actually spit out money when I didn't pay anything...LOL)

janelle said...

Are you on savings angel or something?